So I posted last week about how I just moved to a new city and hooray for the help of family when it comes to that most annoying of tasks. Seriously… I never want to do it again (even though, I know it’ll happen again in at least a year, cause that’s just how we roll) but for the most part it was a great day for it and it went off without a hitch.

Go new city! So pretty…

Well, unless you count all the fun times returning the rental moving truck.

I had to take it back to a specific location and you know how sometimes people who have lived in an area for their whole lives don’t give the best directions? This isn’t just limited to oral communication either, as even the website had the info down in a ‘oh just turn left at old Foster’s tree and hang a left when the road does a little jog thing’ vernacular. It always ends with a ‘don’t worry… you can’t miss it’. You can see where this is going.

Wheel in one hand, coke in the other… wait, isn’t the driver’s side on the left in Canada?

Thankfully we had a GPS to plug in the address… but that only does you so much good when there is a Highway 2 and an Old Highway 2, neither of which the GPS recognized. Finally we figured it out after an hour of wandering around downtown and backtracking, realizing the address given on the website differed than the one on the printout – the website at least provided pictures and thankfully due to our wanderings the previous weekend, scoping out our new digs, we headed out in that direction. Thinking I had it all figured out, I headed in the direction the GPS told me to until it told me to ‘board ferry’. Yeah… technology is great.

Good thing I kinda knew where we were going at that point so I didn’t board any ferries. Dropped the truck off (later got an email informing me I would be charged $2.35 for the gas tank not being at the right level… jerks), and headed towards the campsite where we were meeting my wife’s parents for a barbecue after they helped us move. All was good, until the GPS told us to turn right and as if out of a spy movie, a cop car appeared out of nowhere, sirens and lights and all, cutting off our retreat on what we found out was a one way street.

A one way street on an army base.

When we explained what we were doing, he laughed kinda and told us to just keep driving straight and we’d get to the campground – but not to turn around because he’d give us a ticket for improper driving on a one way street. Sure… why not? We finally arrived to the barbecue 2 hours late, but due to some problems with the bbq, we didn’t end up eating for another 2 hours after that. Me so hungy.

The good news is we’re pretty settled now aside from putting away more of our things into pieces of furniture we still need to purchase (go IKEA!). So with that in mind, as it may be the last decent weekend before the end of October where there are still leaves on the trees, I just realized we’re oh so very close to the Adirondacks in upstate New York and might go check that out. I hear it’s nice? Anyone have anything to offer?

More to come on this after I… you know… actually go there.

By Mike

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