Love and walking seem to go together…

Ah the age old problem of falling in love and then moving. There are few things more complex, more gut wrenchingly exciting and heart-stoppingly devastating than meeting someone awesome on the road and then moving on. Except for meeting someone amazing and then leaving them to go travelling. Or being in a relationship with someone and then travelling with them. Or going with some friends, hooking up with one of them, they don’t feel the same way because they want some foreign ass, but you think you’re soul mates and…

Or maybe ‘should love and travel mix?’ would be a better question.

Love and travel are delicate areas, probably because each of them get us so worked up and are so near and dear to us. I know there are a lot of people I wouldn’t want to travel the world with because I’d murder them in their sleep the first night. That being said, there are also a lot of people I wouldn’t want to spend every day of my life with… so the two are pretty closely related.

How can you not fall in love here?

Some people go travelling with the sole purpose of finding their one and only. That shit be crazy. I knew a girl who made that her purpose every single night and on top of me wanting to donkey punch her (non-sexually) for being so lame, it was funny as hell when she’d complain and cry the next day how the guy didn’t propose despite letting him do everything he wanted to her, including donkey punches. Sexually. Ugh.

Others just want to get as much ass as they can while they’re travelling as if they’re filling up some sort of sexual scavenger hunt. “Look! All I need is a Vietnamese in a bunk bed and I finished my card!” But kids, that’s not love and it’s not cool to play Russian roulette with your genitals.

But this isn’t about sex and travel – because those two go together awesomely.

Not to be that guy… but I wonder how many of these locks would be cut off it they only kept up the ones of people who were still together…

I’m always amazed when I hear about couples that travel the world after being together for such a short period of time, much in the same way as getting married too soon seems freaking crazy. It’s a pretty big commitment, everyone has different tastes and just because you like to have sex it doesn’t mean being together 24/7 is a good idea. Some people figure it out too late and well, it’s awkward deciding what to do.

With that in mind, I love it when I hear people who have wicked travel and love stories. Sometimes, despite all the odds, it works out and it gives hope to even the most jaded wandering vagabond. But then you hear about the people who are in a relationship but are cheating hardcore when they’re travelling and you can see why some are so jaded.

So in the end, can love and travel mix? Well, I met a girl a month before moving to Japan for a year, decided to do distance, then travelled Australia together before getting engaged in Venice and moving back home to get married. It worked for us because I’m awesome – scratch that, we’re awesome.

Pretty awesome, I know

But don’t force it – travel and love are too awesome to ruin if the combo just won’t work.

By Mike

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